How Can I Help You?

If you have come across this site you are possibly wondering how therapy can help you?  This is a big step in itself. Sometimes it can be scary talking to someone whom you have never met. People come to therapy for many different reasons. These can range from issues a person may be having with their relationships, or with deeper conflicts within the self and mind, such as anxiety and depression. Therapy allows you to talk and become self- aware of what you are going through. 


Feel The Feelings 

People expect therapists to fix everything in one session, however, you have to feel the feelings before working through them.  Therapy is a process and this can take many sessions for you to figure out what it is you are going through. I offer therapy that is either short term in as many weeks or longer depending on your choice and needs. My service allows you to explore in a safe space. Being an integrative psychotherapist, I am able to work in a way that allows me to delve into different theories and models of psychotherapy. We all experience difficulties in various ways, therefore, tailoring the sessions to your needs. 

If you are experiencing any issues then get in touch for a free initial consultation via email at or the phone on 01772 382827. Alternatively, you can contact me by pressing the link below to get in touch.